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              The​ Spiritual Vibe 111                Jo Rolfe 

    Intuitive Healer ​

Guiding You Towards Complete Spiritual Healing

If you are looking for ways to enhance your well-being, improve your emotional state, and reduce stress without resorting to meditation, the Spiritual Vibe can help you.

I provide holistic and alternative healing, spiritual guidance, and information about all things spiritual for clients in Australia and around the world.

Joanne Rolfe

 Reiki Master

> Sacred Cacao Facilitator & Supplier

    Reiki Master

> Intuitive Healer

> Psychic Medium

> Empowering Woman & Spiritual Mentor

> Access Bars Facilitator


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Even Healers Need Healers

I was blessed to receive a delicious reiki healing and blessing from jo this week. My stress level went from off the scale to manageable and I was able to detach from it. Thankyou jo for your gifts. Your skills and your love xx

Natalie McIvor - The Vibrational Healer

Joannes reading was incredible! Her reading touched my heart in all the right places, and her words were an exact explanation of what was going on in my life. The past, present and future cards were spot on, especially in terms of my job and my current state of mind taking on a leadership role. I highly recommend Joanne, you will not be disappointed

- Alexandra Leighton | 26/6/19