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The Spiritual Vibe 111

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Group Sacred Cacao Ceremony



Deep journey work like this ceremony will open your heart and release trauma beyond what you ever imagined possible. Working with this Sacred plant medicine has created incredible life changing transformation for myself & those who attend my ceremonies.

You will enjoy an evening of healing, connection, meditation and magic as Mother Cacao takes you on a deep journey into self and soul.

Each guest will receive and connect with the Sacred Cacao Plant medicine and with each sip dip deeper into their soul journey. A journey of release, relaxation and manifestation.

where I guide & support each person's individual journey with sound and energy healing and channeled song and language.

Each sacred cacao journey is unique for each participant.

When you release and heal your subconscious wounds and emotions within my circle is met with love acceptance and non judgement.

I’ll guide and support you through every release as each other participant takes their own journey and we hold space for each other within the circle

Knowing that ,what you heal and release and how you do that through deep breathing practices also benefits others within the circle and the global consciousness. As the ancient

hooponopono practices teaches us:

What I see in you I see in me. What I heal in me I heal in you

Love & Light

Jo x

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