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The Spiritual Vibe 111

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60 Minute Tarot Reading Including All Divination Gifts & 2 Pendulum Questions. I’m here to provide you with insight and clarity in your day to day life and future path using my natural intuition, energy and the help of Spiritual Guides. My aim is to help as many people as possible and help guide you on the right path. Tarot is a wonderful tool for divination but also in providing insight and answers to your problems and life obstacles. EVERYDAY is an opportunity to start afresh and rewrite your life path! Below I have listed the most popular & commonly asked focus points you may select from: Relationship/Love Life, Career, Finances or A General Tarot Reading. I am 100% honest within my tarot readings and respect my client’s privacy. I’ll do my best to answer yes/no questions but any spiritual adviser will tell you, nothing is definite and constantly changes. Distance Tarot Readings are available by phone, Facetime, Facebook Messenger Voice Clips & email. You will receive your reading via email, within 3-5 days of purchase at present. I will always do your reading's as quickly as I am able too, but I do thank-you for your patience when I become busy. Please book an appointment time specifying the type of reading you would like and how you would like the reading sent to you. Please allow for the different time zones if you reside outside of Australia. MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS – [email protected] WHAT INFORMATION I NEED FROM YOU Name, Birth Date (This is For Numerology Purposes), Current Photo, the list of your chosen focus points/questions and an email address so I may send your online reading & Tarot Spread Photo. (If you simply require additional information before purchasing or would like a particular Tarot Reading please feel free to message me on my Facebook business page THE SPIRITUAL VIBE 111 and I’ll respond promptly to you. I can also be contacted by email at [email protected]) Disclaimer: I do not claim to have medical knowledge and should not be replaced by a medical practitioner.

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